Wednesday, 13 August 2008

In a Nutshell

We only make genuine diamonds from carbon extracted from hair and the umbilical cords of babies.
Our diamonds are definitely NOT synthetic, faux, CZ, 'Moissanite', or made from DNA or single strands of hair???.
Diamond sizes range from 0.25 [1/4] carat up to 2.00 carat.
Diamond colours : Canary, shades of Blue, also red/pink
Diamond cuts : We strongly recommend 'Brilliant' cut - 58 facets.
Costs : Brilliant cut canary costs £5250** per carat (total order weight) [ie 0.5 or 1/2 carat is 50%, 0.75 is 75%, 1.35 carat the total would be £7087.50]
Canary diamonds need 100 grams of ashes or 35-40 grams of hair per carat.
The minimum order value for canary is 3x .25crt, or 2x .35crt, or 1x .5 crt this is because the processing is almost the same for any weight of diamond.
Blue's use a more technical process using 500 gms of ashes or 100 grams of hair/crt
Our smallest Blue is 0.25carat (=£2,687**) @ £10,750** per carat.
Both processes take around 13-15 weeks. Terms and conditions apply.
Based in Macclesfield, UK, we trade internationally.
Call : 0870 881 0612 9.00am - 9.00pm Mon -Sat
e-mail :
Website :
ceo : Mike Kelly, based in Manchester, UK
[**prices as of Sept 08 but need confirming]

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Civil Partnership Diamonds

The marriage of two lovers is the confirmation of the partnership.
We are offering to make two molecularly identical diamonds, these will be cut from a raw diamond crystal which will be grown from the carbon extracted from the mixed hair of two people.
Diamonds are carbon. In nature the earth compresses basic carbon and heats it for millions of years. Our laboratory technicians extract carbon from about 50 grams of mixed hair (can be beard trimmings) and compress it to 10,000 tons per sq.inch and heat it to over 1300 centigrade for many weeks. The canary coloured raw diamond is then sliced into two, cut and polished (as diamonds always have been) usinh 58 facets called the 'brilliant' cut. Costs?? £7500 for two 0.75 carat canary diamonds. Please see our website or call 0870 881 0612

Monday, 23 June 2008

The Jessica Diamond : First in the world

We are extremely proud to announce that we have been involved with the Jessica Diamond. As part of the Phoenix Group, we wished to separate the 'celebration' from the 'memorial' part of making diamonds. There is too much sadness already in the world and to celebrate is to be joyful, to triumph over adversity, to rejoice, sound the drum and trumpet a fanfare - so we'll do just that.

With that said, we also have to realize that such a unique experiment has turned out fantastic, unbelievable, astounding. Jessica is actually part of this diamond which will be on this earth forever, immortalized and commemorated in the most precious of materials - a diamond, not just any diamond, but an absolutely unique man-made Aqua Blue 0.5 carat Diamond.

It is hoped we can help many more potential parents, IVF parents and mums that have endured pain and suffering to bring a tiny life into this world, to celebrate a fantastic new life.

If you have stumbled upon this blog by accident, please have a look at either of our websites tell your friends, comment or contribute. Call us on 0870 881 0612 9.00am-9.00pm Mon-Sat GMT/BST

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

The Deefer Diamond : A memorial to a loved dog.

The 0.35 carat Topaz Blue diamond shown, was made from the 'cremains' (cremation ashes) of a Battersea Dogs Home mongrel. Much loved by her owner, she was rescued from the Dogs Home and lived happily reaching the ripe old age of 14. On delevery of the diamond, the owner was asked why the dog was called 'Deefer'?? 'D' for dog........get it?
Although it is very unusual to make blue diamonds, it was a huge privelidge to make this fabulous diamond. Blues are incredibly difficult to master and the biggest we can curently make is 0.8 carat - which costs in the region of £8500. It also take about 15 weeks to process.